AP Sensing



In many applications, such as fire detection, simple maximum thresholds, temperature gradients or temperature difference to average are enough to enable reliable protection.

Our proprietary SmartAlarm™ Technology goes beyond these simple methods. In cooperation with experts in each application field, we have developed unique methods and algorithms to detect, for example, smaller leaks, even in cases where ambient conditions are changing and the leak itself does not generate a huge delta T. 

These algorithms analyze historic temperature variations and trends over the entire pipeline or asset structure. Simultaneously, environmental temperature changes and influences are analyzed.

Together these analyses result in statistical algorithms, which differentiate normal ambient changes along the asset vs. abnormal events, such as leaks. This results in event location accuracies within a few meters.

In the areas of DAS / DVS, the focus is on a high Probability of Detection (POD) and a low Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR). SmartAlarm analyzes acoustic patterns such as magnitude, spatial spread, frequency ranges, duration and repetition times, velocity and other parameters. The system is thereby able to ignore normal activities (such as farmers working or traffic) while recognizing digging activities or drilling. Alarms can then be raised on defined scenarios, which are mutually agreed with the client.