Fiber Optic Sensor Cables


Sensor cables are available with metal tubing or metal-free, with tube-in-tube or armored stainless steel configurations, and with a wide range of appropriate sheathings, for example FRNC (flame retardant non-corrosive).

Fibers need to be selected for the applicable temperature range and sensing technology. Sensing fibers for normal temperature ranges utilizing acrylate coating, cryogenic and higher temperature ranges use polyimide coating and extra high temperature applications may require metallized fibers such as copper alloy coatings or gold-coated fibers. 

Sensor cables are available with MM (multimode) and SM (singlemode) fibers or a combination of both, as well as embedded copper wires for hybrid use.

Our team of application engineers will work with you on the application requirements and will work with our cable manufacturing partners to find a balance between costs, thermal conductivity and ruggedness.