AP Sensing

Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR)


RTTR (Real Time Thermal Rating) or DCR (Dynamic Cable Rating) continuously calculates the conductor temperature by taking current load, historic load, thermal conditions and other factors into account. At the same time it predicts the maximum permissible load for steady state and emergency situations. Based on industry standards IEC 60287, IEC 60853 and finite element modeling, you can operate your network at the highest possible safe ampacity levels with excellent predictive capabilities. The RTTR calculation is based on precise thermal models reflecting the soil / ambient conditions along the high voltage power cable.

We have worked together for years with the market leader for rating software to achieve precise and reliable data. Rating results are fully integrated into AP Sensing’s SmartVision software platform and are easily interfaced into the operators load dispatch center via standard protocols such as Modbus TCP, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-104, DNP3 or OPC.